Dear Future Daddy,

Would you fuck me like this?  I wouldn’t break anything of yours like she did, I promise.  But would you fuck me like this?  Make me beg for it Daddy.  Face-fuck me like this, Daddy.  Make my mascara run down my face.  Make me beg for your cock, Daddy.  Whisper all the dirty things you want to do to me.  Spank me, Daddy. You know you want to, Daddy.

Then, Daddy, fuck me like this, please?  Use me for your pleasure, Daddy.  Let me make you happy too, Daddy.  Make me come over and over again, Daddy.  Fuck me like the little one that I am.

Would you Daddy?  Please?

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tagged as: I normally only do these on my secret blog. Jessie Andrews. Manuel Ferrara. but whatever. no regrets. totally no regrets. Just trying it out on here.

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    this is making me emotional
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    holy shit
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